About this project

With the very high number of different releases made by Die Form over the years, and the recent release of the Chronology boxset to celebrate the 30 years of the group and Bain Total label, it appears that a complete release guide was necessary to assist fans, collectors and the online community to find the information they want.

This site is 100% fan made, not official, and not related to the group or dieform.net website.

The Bain Total guide was released on April 30, 2010

Eric St-Cyr (Montreal)

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Téléphone : 1-514-678-8676 (French only)
Fan since 2000 and the webmaster of dieform.info since 2004. Worked on the overall wiki setup and design, infos and all the release images. Renewed the logo for the Chronology boxset release.

Maxime De Sabrais (Montreal)

Fan since 1999, thanks to a friend who made me listen to Cantique one night. Became a fan and collector since. Worked on all infos and texts here, based on years of internet searches.

Philippe Fichot, Sarah Szefer, Keith Macfarland, Philippe Michel, Andre Furhmann, David (lipsheim.org), Albert Stray, Jean-Jacques Bouquet, Bernd Gröger, Pascal Pilote.

Almost all pictures are now watermarked because most of them was taken in my prior version of my sites and used to a commercial one.

All rights reserved to their respective owners.