How to send informations



· Resolution : 300dpi or more in high color
· In preview mode, do not crop too close of the picture, leave about 1/2 inch around if possible before scanning
· Vinyl cover in 4 parts
· Keep the pages as straight as possible
· If the item is white, please put a colored cardboard in the background
· Save the files in JPG (100% quality) or BMP 16 bits (for a better result)
· The file must weight around 1MB or more
· And give us the dimensions of the item


· Hi-resolution only and uncompressed
· Please do not use flash on camera

Needed items

Feel free to submit anything you think might improve the site or any items you do not see displayed already and think should be added.

The following items are needed in priority since missing or our current image is of poor quality or incomplete

Bain Total

· All interviews and pictures from the era of Bain Total
· Any missing inserts and catalogs
· Bain Total Cleaning Solution, Music for Deaf and Dumb Persons + Mini albums 1 & 2
· Badges B.01 to B.06
· Degenerate Music For Deaf And Dumb Persons
· International Compilation 1
· International Compilation 2
· Mini Album 1
· Mini Album 2
· Magnetique Bleu
· K.07 new scans of orange version
· K.08 any pictures/scans of the Endless Tapes
· K.09 complete J-card scan of second version
· K.15 black version
· K.24 scan of snapcase edition
· K.31 scan of oversized edition
· K.35 scan of oversized edition

Die Form & Side projects

· Photogrammes Vinyl Test Pressing

Interviews / Magazines / Promos / Text

· Espoirs Ephemères #11 (1992) (french fan magazine) 4 pages
· New Wave #2 (french magazine)
· Amnesia
· Sexorama 1 (Die Form Promo)
· New Life 41 (03/1989)
· Rock dans l'obscurité #12 - #18
· Poupée Mécanique 4 pages promos with Bain Total Price list 1987 Tarif /05
· Slow Love Attitude Records Die Form Promo, 4 pages
· Text press release of Histories album
· Orkus April 2004


· Filmed show in 80's, 90's and 2000's